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Why Is Death Bad For You? Philosophy Speaker: Shelly Kagan

March 11, 2013

5:30 PM

Northen Auditorium, Leyburn Library

Julie Cline

Professor Shelly Kagan, Clark Professor of Philosophy at Yale University, will give a talk entitled "Why Is Death Bad For You?" in Northen Auditorium on Monday, March 11, at 5:30 p.m.

Professor Kagan is most recently the author of Death (Yale, 2012), a book based on his famous lecture course at Yale which was selected as a Yale Open Course and made available to millions of viewers online.

To watch a segment, see here:

Professor Kagan is also the author of The Limits of Morality (Oxford, 1989), Normative Ethics (Westview, 1998), and The Geometry of Desert (Oxford, 2012).

Professor Kagan is the Philosophy Department's Living Philosopher for 2013 and will be leading a class discussion on his book The Limits of Morality while on campus.

For more information, contact Professor Mahon, head of the Philosophy Department: