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Staff Development Week: Hiring and Managing a Diverse Workgroup

February 18, 2014

9:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Hillel House Multipurpose Room (101)

Nicole Poulin

Victor Cardwell presents "Hiring and Managing a Diverse Workgroup."

How do you prevent harassment claims from occurring? How do you insure employees will be able to meet the attendance requirements which are essential to every job? The answer is simple: hire good employees. Unfortunately, however, an employer may not be able to ask all the questions which may enable that employer to make a reasoned decision as to the future success of an applicant. Indeed, ask the applicant’s former employer for employment history and you are likely to get a “name, rank and serial number” answer. This presentation will discuss the legal parameters of what can and can not be asked, legal pitfalls to be aware of, and practical pointers in screening candidates for employment.

When asked once to name the most important things in life, Sigmund Freud answered, "Love and work." Indeed, it is through work that people both provide for their sustenance and gain a sense of self-worth. Not surprisingly, therefore, the employment relationship is protected and shaped by a myriad of laws, some obvious and others obscure. Prudent employers must constantly stay informed and aware of their own rights and the rights of their employees. The challenge of staying educated about the complex of laws governing the employment relationship is not easy, but it is essential.

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