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ACS World Language Workshop - A Blended Learning Approach

October 2, 2014

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Tucker Multimedia Center - Tucker Hall 408

Dick Kuettner

Dr. Beth Kautz
University of Minnesota

Workshop Title: "Content-Based Instruction Beyond the Norm: Sustainability Issues in the World Language Classroom"

Workshop Description: Many of the world's most pressing issues today are related to sustainability. Topics like clean energy, livable cities, healthful food, fair trade practices, global warming, and bio-diversity deserve our attention and can be integrated into your world language classes. In this workshop we will review the basic framework of Content-Based Instruction and discuss how it aligns with the goals of undergraduate education. The presenter will share sample sustainability-related lessons and units, suggest how to find existing materials or create your own, and discuss challenges associated with implementing such a curriculum.

Workshop Leader Bio: Beth Kautz works at the University of Minnesota, with a dual-appointment in the Department of German, Scandinavian and Dutch and the College of Liberal Arts Language Center. She is the Coordinator for 3rd semester German, where she has integrated modules on sustainability-related topics, and oversees the development of hybrid language courses for the College of Liberal Arts. Her work has included German language instruction, curriculum development, teacher training, and support of technology-enhanced teaching and learning.

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