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ACS World Language Workshop - A Blended Learning Approach

November 6, 2014

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Tucker Multimedia Center - Tucker Hall 408

Dick Kuettner

Dr. Bonnie Adair-Hauck
University of Pittsburgh

Workshop Title: “Feeding Back : Improving Learners’ Interpersonal (Speaking) Skills through Integrated Performance Assessment”

Workshop Description: This workshop will introduce integrated performance assessment which is a multidimensional assessment that includes the three modes of communication. We will discuss the reasons why the development of interpersonal speaking skills can be a challenge for our students. Then, we will explore IPA task design and performance rubrics to measure our students’ achievement on integrated performance tasks. And finally, we will discuss how IPA feedback can improve learner performance, as well as classroom instruction.

Workshop Leader Bio: Bonnie Adair-Hauck, Ph.D. is a second language research professor for the University of Pittsburgh’s European Studies Center and the European Union Center of Excellence where she also serves as a language consultant for educational institutions both nationally and internationally. Adair-Hauck has taught French at the middle school, high school and university levels. She has also taught masters and doctoral level language methodology/acquisition courses. Furthermore, Adair-Hauck has taught summer graduated courses in French at the Université Catholique de l’Ouest, Angers, France. Since, 2001, she has served as the Director of the University of Pittsburgh’s French Immersion Institutes designed to broaden middle and high school teachers’ cultural understanding of French speaking countries while concurrently strengthening their French speaking/listening skills. Her research interests include classroom discourse analysis, literature-based language learning, performance assessment and co-constructed feedback to improve learner performance. She has published articles in Foreign Language Annals, Language Awareness, The Canadian Modern Language Review, CALICO, Pages d’Ecriture, Northeast Conference Reports, The French Review, PSMLA Language Forum and Teacher’s Handbook: Contextualized Language Instruction. Adair-Hauck collaborated on an ACTFL/US Department of Education research project regarding the design of integrated performance-based assessments (IPA) for the Standards for Foreign Language Learning. Adair-Hauck is a certified SOPI tester (Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview) and SOPI trainer in French. She has made numerous presentations on articulation and assessment for k-16 language learners. Adair-Hauck has served on the board of the Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association from 1990-2002, and was the President from 1998-2000. She is presently the President of “Le Centre Francophone de Pittsburgh. In 1998, she received the American Association of Teachers of French Outstanding Educator of the Year Award (university level), and she was a co-recipient of the Edouard Morot-Sir Pedagogical Prize for her article published on the teaching of French language and culture in the French Review in 2002. In 2004 and in 2006, she was the co-recipient of the Northeast Conference’s Stephen A. Freeman Award for Best Published Article on Language Teaching Techniques. She served as a co-editor for an AATF volume entitled: Making Global Connections Using French Language and Culture: Standards-Based Units K-16 released Fall, 2007. In 2012, she received the ACTFL Anthony Papalia Award for Excellence in Teacher Education. In 2013, Adair-Hauck was the lead author for ACTFL’s publication on Implementing Integrated Performance Assessment.

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