Campus Notices are a means of communicating with groups of e-mail recipients at Washington and Lee. It allows senders to target those students, faculty, or staff for whom a message is relevant, without bothering others. To minimize e-mail traffic, it consolidates messages for delivery in one e-mail, sent in the early morning each day. It also controls the rate of delivery, in order not to slow down the e-mail server computers.

Posting after June 30?

You'll need to use . If on or before June 30, please continue to use this system.

Campus Notices is changing on July 1, 2016. Here's what you need to know:

  1. If you had a notice in the old system queued up for delivery after July 1, your notice has been imported into to the new system. Please log in and verify everything imported correctly.
  2. For those creating notices, your web browser bookmarks and quicklinks will all be updated to take you to the new system, where you will be able to create a notice in much the same manner as before.
  3. For students and employees at W&L receiving notices, no further action is required.
  4. Lexington community members who have created community accounts will continue to receive notices as before. If you are a community member who needs to make updates to your account preferences, you will need to re-register at .

Here's some additional information about the change (things you might like to know):

  1. This change is part of a greater update to the systems that power campus communications taking place this summer:
    • The new Campus Notices email is designed to be mobile-friendly and more legible on mobile devices of all kinds.
    • Campus Notices will no longer be integrated with the online event calendar, as the online calendar will be tied to the new room scheduling system, 25Live, when it goes live later this summer. Going forward, you will need to create a calendar event in 25Live, and a separate campus notice in the new Campus Notices system.
    • The daily Campus Notices email will no longer contain the sidebar with daily events, menus, hours, etc. We will be following up with those who create menus and maintain Trip Saver hours to develop a new mechanism to display that information later this summer.
    • We are in the process of redesigning our audience dashboard pages for employees, students and parents. The new Campus Notices system will be integrated with the new audience dashboard websites, as well as departmental websites. If you are posting an official announcement, a notice about an upcoming event or a deadline on behalf of your department, your campus notice can be fed to an announcements section of your website automatically.
  2. If you experience difficulty posting a notice, have trouble viewing a campus notice email in your email client of choice or if you do not receive the new campus notices after July 1, please contact Steve Mammarella ( in the Communications Office for support.
  3. Training sessions will be available on request and during Fall Academy later this summer.

We appreciate your patience as we transition to the new system. We expect some growing pains as the functionality and integrations with other systems continue to roll out over the summer. That said, we hope the new version will be a welcome addition to the communications tools we all rely on to stay informed and keep others in the loop.