Campus Notices are a means of communicating with groups of e-mail recipients at Washington and Lee. It allows senders to target those students, faculty, or staff for whom a message is relevant, without bothering others. To minimize e-mail traffic, it consolidates messages for delivery in one e-mail, sent in the early morning each day. It also controls the rate of delivery, in order not to slow down the e-mail server computers.

Posting after June 30?

You'll need to use . If on or before June 30, please continue to use this system.

How do I send a Campus Notice?

  1. Click "Log In" under the Campus Notices menu at the left, and log in with your Active Directory username and password (W&L users) or the community username and password you create.

  2. Choose "Submit a Notice."

  3. Select a category for your notice. (Note that some categories require specific administrative posting privileges.) Click "Proceed."

  4. Depending on the category you choose, you will be prompted to supply specific information related to your notice, including the audience, posting date(s), event information and/or other details.